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Ghost is world class blogging content management system(CMS). It has so many options and opportunities for an author to write blog for him. Ghost provide "Koenig editor" for writing and also other so many options like:

  • image
  • html editor
  • Markdown editor
  • Gallery
  • Video, Audio player
  • Divider
  • Other embeded options like soundcloud

In Ghost CMS, you can use different themes in different times only after installing theme in the server. When you will install new theme, it will not affect the contents of the site.

There are a lot of ghost themes in the market. You can easily find the best ghost themes of 2019 below:

1. Writter

Writter is a portfolio based ghost theme. It is used for for blogging and used as portfolio. It has some features:

  • Clean design
  • Responsive theme
  • Portfolio page feature
  • Magnific popup
  • Tag and Author list page
  • Nice 404 page design
  • Slide Navigation

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